Fast-Forward to the Future

Looking for solutions four your company's full-stack IT problems and future projects? Instead of sitting in endlessly long and mostly useless meetings where the consultants are in no hurry to solve your problems because they charge by hour - why not use an IT Service Provider who just wants to get the job done, fast. We at Vasanko don't just aim to complete the job fast and before the deadline, we also aim to finish the job so well there's no need for the common ping-pong game of blame.

Less chargeable hours for us? Sure. Happier customers? You bet.

We have decades of experience with wide variety of IT technologies - from video and music streaming to embedded programming, from AI and neural networks to implementing datacenter monitoring, from scripting Python to mastering C++, from administering big-iron UNIX clusters to running around the office swapping broken cables. Networks and encryption? Been there. Backends and backups? Done that. Two-hour job? Already finished. One-year contract? No problem (unless we are fully booked).

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Feeling bored at your $CURRENT_JOB? Love programming, DevOps or system administration? We at Vasanko don't care what you have done previously as long as you have the right attitude of getting things done and have a genuine interest of learning what you don't already know. We offer a flexible work environment and support from all of us, and as long as you know what you're doing and the customers are happy we won't get in the way.

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